A Fading Light

by Frozen Fountain

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Heavier than before
Best listened to as a full (mini) album
Big thanks to my fuzz pedal


released October 1, 2019

Nathan Shawyer - Receiver of advice
Tom Farah - Personal advisor to Nathan Shawyer


all rights reserved



Frozen Fountain London, UK

se london/brighton

music you've heard before, but worse

hi-fi lo-fi

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Track Name: A Fading Light I
It’s so late at night
Your eyes won’t close
There’s nothing left to see

There’s no patterns in static
There’s no rhythm in the sound
All the structures are falling down

I fell asleep
They found me
Tied to a post

Wake up wake up
A beckoning call
From a sight that no longer exists

And now I can’t even look you in the eyes
I can’t even say goodbye
I can’t even wave hello
I can’t stand upright
All the things that used to be easy
Are impossible now

OH! They found me
In the middle of the street
Tied to a post
With dirt on my clothes
Cause I can’t see
Through my eyes
Just saying my name
And nothings left behind

A fading light in a fragile home
A giant tear in all my bones
Nothings left and no one’s here
A fading light in a fragile home
Track Name: A Fading Light II
The river is draining fast

The sun is burning out

The bulb is about to blow

The sky is turning black

Oh! Give me more time

Oh! Look for the sign

The end is coming soon
Track Name: A Difficult Answer/A Simple Question
//A difficult question//
Answer me
Simple without tone
Talk to me
And say what you mean
Make it right
Stop with this mess
Speak in tongues
Force some more sense

Just speak
Just speak
Just speak
Just speak

//A simple answer//
[incoherent rambling]
Track Name: Stock Footage
All your memories are stock footage
And everyone on the other side of the phone is automated, a bot
Automated, not alive
And all your thoughts are stored to tape
Degrading, disintegrating to nothing
Degrading, disintegrating to nothing

Let it go
From my hands
Run away
Give it up

Let it go
Let it go
Track Name: More Weight
I could fly on an ounce of hope
Put our lives under microscopes
And I know, I know, I know
Nothing goes how I want it to

I could walk on an inch of rope
Look around at the world below
And I know, I know, I know
It’ll stay even if I fall

Throw the rocks and stand up straight look around and tell the lie
Take a breath before you see everything as it is
Look around and see the signs take them down before it’s time

I could fly on an ounce of hope
Put our lives under microscopes
And I know, I know, I know
Nothing goes how I want it to

More weight
More weight
Track Name: Total Defeat
Gave you the keys to the city
You burnt all the buildings down
Chose you for a seat a table
You shut the whole thing down

Went by a silent alley
You filled it all with sound
And I want nothing more
Than the world to fall around me

Total Defeat
Total Defeat

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